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Bulgaria - Country of Roses

Country of the roses
Bulgaria is well known mostly for the Black Sea and its famous rose oil. It is the most important "rose country" in the world.
But it is only a special region in Bulgaria where this fine substance is produced.
In the "Valley of Roses", situated between the Balkan mountains and Sredna Gora (Middle Forest), between the towns Karlovo and Kazanlak, the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose has been cultivated for more than 300 years. In the valley itself there is a specific climate – mild winter and a long warm spring which give the perfect combination of moisture and warmth for the breeding of roses. The oil-bearing rose Rosa damascene was brought to Bulgaria from the Middle East and has established as an independent type of rose different from other oil-bearing roses cultivated elsewhere.

Bulgaria - Country of Roses
Bulgaria - Country of Roses - Rose Festivals