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Roses from Lalehzar
Besides Kashan and Shiraz the Kerman district in the east of Iran got an important producer of rose oil and particularly rose water meanwhile. Some 25 years ago, recognizing a considerable enhancement of odour in several plants, Homayoun and his wife Shahin started to grow roses in the valley of Lalehzar with an altitude between 2.000 and 3.000 meters asl - in the middle of numerous poppy fields.

And indeed, also the roses planted there, showed an important increase of essential oils compared to the source plants. Thats why the farmers could be convinced to switch to rose production, a legal way of income. Another very important advantage helps for this decision: the roses need much less water, than poppey - a very valuable matter in a desert region with 360 sunny days a year.
Some 1.500 farmers growing roses there today deliver their yield to the still, and make a good money. They are commited to cultivate the fields organically, controlled and certified by Soil Association. The farmers are not allowed to use any synthetical fertilizers or pesticides.