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For several centuries damascene roses have been cultivated in the Daddes Valley near Ouarzazate in Morocco and were originally and locally used to produce dried rose buds and rose water. When French perfumers built distilleries in the Valley, in the 1940’s, roses were developed to produce rose oil and rose essence. Damascene rose is considered to be the embodiment of femininity and the queen of flowers in high-class perfumery. The Dades Valley has a pre-Saharan bio-climate, with relatively low temperatures suitable to rose growing.

Rose Festival of Morocco
Kelaa-des-Mgouna town in Dades Valley or the Valley Of the Roses is a center of rose production in Morocco. There is a big distilling plant that produces most of the rose water that goes into Morocco’s gastronomic delicacies and the Moroccan perfumes.

The Rose Festival takes place annually in the month of May. Rose farmers from far and wide assemble to celebrate the year’s crops and drink to a “rosy” year. During the Morocco Rose Festival, a vibrant and colorful "souk" (market) comes up in the festivities zone and there is also much singing, dancing, merrymaking and the election of a Miss Rose involved in the celebrations.