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The Rose - The eye of all flowers

An introduction to the rose portal

Since time immemorial the rose has been seen as a direct gift of the gods and so has often been dedicated to them. "The eye of all flowers, ornament of the world" was how the Greek poetess Sappho lauded the rose, which traditionally embodies the essence of beauty, devotion and love.

A few drops of good rose oil are said to act as a powerful aphrodisiac, reviving love and stimulating sensuality and libido. In general, rose oil enhances personal wellbeing, strengthens human relationships, aids meditation and relieves suffering and stress.

Since ancient times the rose has not only had its fervent devotees in the garden; it also has a major role to play in healing, food preparation and cosmetics.

The Rose - The eye of all flowers
The Rose - The eye of all flowers - A rose is not just a rose!