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Essential Oils

Our essential oils are naturally produced by steam distillation. Our passion: organic rose oil. We get it from Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Morocco.


After the distillation of the fresh picked flowers, part of the rose oil, the so-called "first oil", floats on the distillate and collected. A significant proportion of rose oil remains dissolved in rose water. The oil from the 1st distillation was practically unusable for some distillers until about 20 years ago. There was little demand for it, and it was not a salable product. The "first oil" from the 1st distillation contains a high proportion of wax and is therefore solid at room temperature.


 For the classic rose oil that we are familiar with it and known in the trade as "second oil". The rose water is distilled a second time to produce the second products. Then two types of rose oil, approximate 65% second "yellow oil" with approx. 35% " first oil" mixed. The results are "classic rose oil" which is known to us.


To simplify these two production steps and make them more energy-efficient, cohobating technology was developed in Bulgaria, in which both distillation steps are integrated into one process. The cohobation consists of another kettle filled with porcelain or metal rings, which is usually connected to up to four kettles from the still. The warm rose water is then introduced from above, spreads over the filler and thus gets a large surface. Thus, the steam rising from below can take the rose oil with it very effectively.


This technology is not used to produce rose water because the rose oil dissolved in the water is a quality feature. ​

Our essential oil product list can be found here.

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