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Our history

Reinhard Büchner founded Rose Office in 2008. As an expert in rose cultivation and processing and a Balkan fan, he quickly added other oils to the range and thus laid the foundation for healthy growth. The most important origin for our raw materials was initially Bulgaria, known for its rose cultivation. But Georgia, with its special Gallica rose, and Iran quickly followed. Felix Herold joined in 2013. With the new product range of dried medicinal and spice plants, our partners in Romania, Bosnia and Albania, who are still important today, were added. In 2014 we founded our first own project "Kakheti Bio" in Georgia. Since then, our understanding of not only supporting our growers as a marketing partner, but also of advising them on cultivation has developed more and more. We are now advising and financing other projects in Morocco, Georgia and Iran. In 2019 Rose Office moved from Göppingen to Düsseldorf, and we are still there today!

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