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Our herbal and flower water comes from the same origins as our essential oils. Whoever has a distillery usually also produces herbal and flower water. What is herbal and flower water? It is the first condensate that is collected during the distillation, so it has a lot of water and a little valuable essential oil. Most essential oils settle as a thin layer on the top of herbal and flower water. These can be separated from the water. However, our herbal water made for use as same herbal and flower water, the essential oil is not skimmed off. The herbal and flower water smells particularly intensive. As a rule, 1kg of fresh plant is distilled to produce 1kg of water. ​

 ​ You can find our herbal and flower list here

Unsere Hydrolate - Liste finden Sie hier

Fresh rose petals are poured into the still's cauldrons, Bulgaria

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